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The Plain of Redemore, 22nd August 1485
Richard III – betrayed and defeated!
His gaze sweeps over the bloody carnage surrounding him. A cry goes up: “We have found the king!” He sees Henry Tudor standing triumphant over a mauled and battered corpse and hears him whisper, “It is done. England is mine.”
How can this be, when he is not dead?


( work in progress )

The sequel to ‘Renaissance – The Fall and Rise of a King. The story continues with Francis Viscount Lovell. Richard III’s greatest friend. A man of peace who turns avenger. Devastated by his friend’s brutal slaying on Bosworth field and the dishonourable treatment of his body – Francis becomes Henry Tudor’s implacable enemy.


Novel (In Progress)


Grant Me the Carving of My Name

I was delighted to be asked to contribute a short story to this book. An anthology of 15 short stories by a dozen authors from the UK, Ireland, the USA and Australia inspired by Richard III.

Yorkist Stories

Stories about the men and women who found themselves either by birth, marriage or fate, on the Yorkist side of the Wars of the Roses.

A Chorus of Seven

This collection explores observations of nature, loves lost and found, mischevious portraits, sadness and joy - reflections of contemporary life and past times.


Short Stories

Audio available on the Story pages

A Hint of History

I thought you might like to meet a younger, more diffident Henry VIII and his bride Catherine, in a story I entered for a competition – which to my delight – I won!

An Excerpt from 'Renaissance"

"An icy calm descended upon him. Resolution stamped itself upon his stern features. He would throw his destiny into the hands of Fate! Every muscle in his lean frame tightened in readiness for action."

An Excerpt from 'Renegade' Part 1 – “King’s Pawn”

"Cold moonlight flooded through the stained-glass windows, it illuminated the huge rood that hung above the altar and cast strange shadows on the stone paving but he knew that there was nothing to fear here.  This church, built by his grandfather William, was his sanctuary; within its protective walls he found peace and comfort when his father’s brutality became too much to bear."

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