‘Yorkist Stories’ a fabulous collection of stories has just been published on Amazon and is about the men and women who found themselves either by birth, marriage or fate, on the Yorkist side of the Wars of the Roses.

The brainchild of Michele Schindler, author of a recent biography of Francis Viscount Lovell, ‘Yorkist Stories’ are written by a group of historical fiction authors all of whom share a special interest in the long standing feud that existed between the Plantagenet cousins – you will gather from the title that they rather favour the House of York.

The sales proceeds will go to Medecins Sans Frontieres.  The Doctors Without Borders who do such temendous work around the world and who will invariably step in, during this terrible global pandemic, to care for the sick in countries when all too often, there are no adequate health services.

In this collection of over a dozen stories, Richard, Duke of Gloucester muses about his brother King Edward IV; Francis, Viscount Lovell celebrates Easter and others appear in a variety of situations – even a ghost or two turns up.

My own story, ‘The Proposal,’ takes a new and closer look at the men who most Ricardians love to hate –  the infamous brothers – Sir Thomas and Sir William Stanley.

Buy the book – support the work of the wonderfully dedicated men and women of Medecins Sans Frontieres; read and enjoy the work of some very talented writers and for a short while escape into the another time, another place – to the turmoil and pagentry of 15th century England.Yorkist Stories.

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