I’ve been thinking about when I first felt the need to write.  I remember feeling overwhelmed, not knowing how and where  to start.  I read dozens of ‘how to be a successful writer’ books – full of  advice on  planning, plotting, characterization – every one maintained their method was the key to success – if I followed their advice, I was bound to succeed.  I did try…I brainstormed, I wrote detailed character profiles, I worked out my plots to the n’th degree; enthusiastically began writing and after a short while became de-motivated.  I tried creative writing classes – they helped up to a point but that first bright spark never became a steady flame, it  still fizzled out  after a while.  I felt frustrated and very lonely. It was not until I joined a writers’ group that I at last was able to maintain the momentum.  Some in the group were experienced, published authors, others wrote for their own pleasure, all sorts of genres were represented  – fiction and non fiction, short stories articles, poems. We met fortnightly.  From then onwards, I’ve never looked back.  It was the supportive critiquing and the continued expectation from my peers of a completed piece of work, that spurred me onwards.  It resulted in an award-winning debut novel.  I’m now working on its sequel and another is in the planning stage.  I’m still a member of a writing group (not the same one I started with) but we are just as encouraging, supportive and honest with each other.  An anthology of short stories and poems that we have been working on together over the past year, is now in the hands of an Editor.  We hope to launch ‘Seven Voices’ in a few weeks.

Which brings me to the point of this Blog – if you have a need to write – feel daunted – here’s a way in –  come and join my Write-In next Wednesday  22nd January, at 10am – 12noon in the Northallerton Library.  You won’t be expected to produce your own – you’ll be given a little push by me.  I’ll read you an unfinished story that I have written.  We will discuss possible ways forward with it and  you can complete it – by collaborating with others or on your own.

Come and have a fun morning and meet others just like yourself.


An Invitation to Write with me.

One thought on “An Invitation to Write with me.

  • 17 January 2020 at 11:29 am

    I’m in complete agreement with your sentiments here Marla, support, encouragement and friendship is essential for writers. So long as it’s reciprocated of course! Neelie


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