The isolation of the last long months in lockdown has had a really negative effect on my writing – something that I never envisaged would happen to me – I became totally demotivated; it wasn’t writer’s block, I just did not want to write at all.  Happily, I was able to keep in touch with writing friends through Social Media, and interest/research groups and Zoom  –  they kept me grounded, gently nudging me out of what they dubbed as my ‘writing funk’  and so here I am once again, writing my first blog in six months, resolving to write at least one every month to start with.

Of course some benefits have  arisen out of lockdown – apart from what was of paramount importance, that of staying safe and keeping well; being forced to spend so much more time at home during these last months did have a positive effect on my garden.

I focused my attention to an unsuccessful shady and damp corner, located beneath a high brick wall, that has been bugging me for years and decided to revamp it completely.  After much thought and taking advice from more experienced and dedicated gardeners (including  television’s Monty Don et al, and my RHS magazine).

The result is that the corner is now a home for thriving hostas, ferns and a very prolific climbing hydrangea.



It turned out to be rather back-breaking work creating a decent bed (resulting in aching muscles but good fitness exercise).  I dug up a great variety of builder’s debris, including any number of perfectly good bricks (put to good use edging borders around the rest of the garden) and an enormous number of enormous cobbles – which makes me think that when the house was first built over thirty years ago, the local builder didn’t bother to remove his  flotsam and jetsam; just covered the lot with soil from the fields surrounding our village – obtained from the local farmer.



It was good stuff though – mixed with a some well-rotted manure it produced monster Hostas – now in full bloom.





As an afterthought, I added a bit of late summer colour by planting a Persicaria – which  like ‘Topsy’ grew and grew – making the bees very happy when it came into flower – they’ve been having a party around it for weeks!


An altogether satisfying garden adventure – a dreary part of my garden has been revitalized and  turned into something quite spectacular – I think so at least – the bees love it too!



Covid induced gardening creativity

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