A little while ago, I was delighted to be asked and agreed to do an interview on Elizabeth N Harris’s website – and today she  featured me on her ‘Helping Indie Authors‘ Blog as her author of the week.

Elizabeth is the author of very successful contemporary and paranormal romance novels  – The  ‘Rage MC’ and ‘Love Beyond Death’ series and others are available on Amazon.  I’m extremely grateful to her for giving me, a much less experienced author, the opportunity to talk about myself and my writing.   If you are a fan of Romance – and let’s face it – most of us  love to lose ourselves in a really well written love story – whether it’s historical, contemporary or paranormal, then check out Elizabeth’s website – find some exciting new reading …. and you can read a little about me, my books and upcoming ventures.







My interview on Romance Author, Elizabeth N Harris’s ‘Helping Indie Authors’ page.

One thought on “My interview on Romance Author, Elizabeth N Harris’s ‘Helping Indie Authors’ page.

  • 14 July 2020 at 4:18 pm

    Hello, my name is Sarah Kage. I am the author of the new Paranormal Romance book, Blood Moon, available on Amazon’s search (Sarah Kage Blood Moon). I so enjoyed your blog, ‘Helping Indie Authors’. I am always looking for tools for self-marketing. Please stay safe and have a wonderful week.

    I am also the author of The Halloween Pickle. It was my first book and a little different from Blood Moon. The website below is for the Pickle.


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